Best Ayurveda Resort in Kerala, Kumarakom

We Believe In a Healthy You

Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village Kumarakom

The wellness we assure you is the result of past 5 Generations

The experience we serve is the result of perfect amalgamation of Authentic Ayurveda for cure and a wellness with love of a village life. The Temple of Healing is passionately knitted to give calmness to senses while making you comfortable. Experience healing at the best ayurveda resort in kerala.

5 Generations of  Kerala Ayurveda
Ayurveda programs personalized for your mind and body
Daily yoga sessions are curated to contribute towards getting optimum results
Village life starts early, we let you slowly correct your rhythem
Village Experience
Revitalise in the beauty and innocence of our Kumarakom village

Suited for requisites of our Ayurveda program, prepared and served with love

The soulful evolution of  Traditional Ayurveda

We are one of the best Ayurveda resort in Kerala have been continuously evolving to give the benefit of Ayurveda to all aspects viz Ayurveda in Daily life, Ayurveda for disease prevention, and Ayurveda for the cure.

Dheemahi word meaning is we meditate upon the supreme knowledge or intellect. The word literally holds the essence of Vedas, the foundation of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a division of the Atharva Veda, one of the 4 Vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas.

Our serene environment, nestled in the heart of Kerala, provides the perfect backdrop for your healing journey. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic ailments, looking to detoxify your body, or simply want to relax and rejuvenate, Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village offers a sanctuary where you can reconnect with yourself and nature.

Experience Holistic Healing

Explore the serene environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and traditional Ayurvedic treatments that make Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village a unique destination for holistic healing.

Discover Ayurvedic rejuvenation that will revitalize your whole being

Making Changes

Finding a Balance

Being Happy

Fulfilling Potential

Dheemahi Ayurveda centre is recognized by Government of Kerala

The medicines we use come from our own GMP Certified herbal pharmacy.
All our attendants and therapists are certified as well as given in-house training by our Doctors to learn our way of therapies
Serving ayurveda since 1921
In-house kitchen team serves the best authentic, healthy and fresh ayurvedic food
In house training sessions led by doctors on ayurveda lifestyle

Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village Centre is located in the small village of Kumarakom. Here you can experience Authentic Ayurveda and the best Ayurveda treatment in Kerala enriched with the love of village life.

Kumarakom is famous for its canals and lakes, and if you want to explore, you will always have options to get close to natural beauty.

Justin Hancock from Australia Shares His Transformative Experience.

Stephane from France Reveals His Journey to Wellness.

Discover Our Healing Sanctuary

Aarti & Neera Thakur from Mumbai Discuss Their Life-Changing Ayurvedic Experience.

Sairekha from Mumbai Unveils Her Path to Wellness with Ayurveda.

Devika Singh from Bangalore Shares Her Ayurvedic Healing Experience.

How Our Booking Process Works

The unique approach involves a series of discussion during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment.

Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.


Consultation Form

Fill out our consultation form, and let us know when will you be available for our doctor to talk to you


Discussion with Doctor

Discuss your health condition and expectations with our doctor.


Booking Confirmation

Confirm the booking by making a payment of 50% advance. 

Consultation Form

Submit this form to initiate a booking with us

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Classical Panchakarma Program

Highly effective and best Ayurveda treatment program, which requires a minimum duration of 4 weeks. The candidate has to follow the selection process through consultation.

Stress Management

Big or small, stress is affecting health more than anything else nowadays. Ayurveda believes in an inseparable relation between Mind and Body. For improving stress first thing we have to do is improve body fitness. Our Program combines Ayurveda Yoga and meditation to get out of this burden.

Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Disease Treatment

At every stage of severity, our Arthritis program starts by correcting the Agni – The digestive fire. Modern approaches with steroids and painkillers are making things more complicated. Consult our Doctors for the correct approach.

Rejuvenation Program

A customised program for re-energising the mind and body. The program starts with a cleansing phase followed by a rejuvenation program. Panchakarma will be a part of this program. The ideal Duration is 2-3 weeks.

View All Treatments

Designed for the perfect harmony of your Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

What people are saying about Dheemahi

Abubakar Muhammad


What a wonderful place.. I mistakenly find myself here when I was looking for a different place.. and I must say I have been blessed.. my wife was diagnosed with MND and for the past 3 years,13 days at the village is the most progressive time I have seen.. not too much but if you are in my shoes you ll be glad to see any amount of progress.. and the doctors God bless them.. but the staffs the warmness and comfort I would come back here for holiday.. even thou I’m not a vegetarian I still find my way to the kitchen . Big thanks to everyone at the village.. please when you go there look out for( ARPENA , NINOO , Dr JODY)I don’t know if I spelled the name correctly this people made my life so easy. Big thanks to everyone I’m looking forward to coming back ..
this might feel much but I’m putting out from my heart .. by the way we came all the way from . LAGOS , Nigeria in west Africa ..
Thanks to you Dr Jai and Dr namitha she works magic..

Devika Singh


Dheemahi Ayurvedic Village centre is located in a picturesque part surrounding kumarakom Lake. This makes it the perfect getaway for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and most of all – excellent ayurvedic treatment and care. Under the able guidance and care of Dr. Namitha and Dr. Jayakrishna I found all my medical concerns, aches and pains addressed. This is an honest to goodness ayurvedic medical treatment facility and not a spa. Their medicines are self manufactured and excellent. A shout out to my therapists – Neenu and Arpana who were good natured and ever concerned to help. The walks around the centre lead to beautiful canals, backwaters and friendly people with plenty of birds to spot. The doctors were kind enough to even arrange a boat ride for me. A temple close by provides the perfect vibe though you may want to get your ear plugs during festival time which happens once a year. But you shouldn’t miss it if you want a slice of Kerala culture.

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