PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a very common female health complaint.

The word “Syndrome” is used to describe PCOS because it is a complex disease involving many factors and organs, such as – obesity, insulin resistance, irregular menstrual bleeding (in most cases, excessive menstrual bleeding), abnormal menstrual periods and cycle, lack of ovum production (anovulation) etc. PCOS is a common female endocrine disorder affecting women.

There is increased production of Androgen (a hormone) by the ovaries, which suppresses the maturation of ovarian follicles (ovarian follicles lead to ovum). So, the ovum does not get properly formed and released (anovulation). Remember that ovum meets with the sperm during intercourse leading to conception. So, in the case of PCOD, the lady usually will have a problem with conception.

Hence it is one of the common reasons for infertility. It is commonly found in the reproductive age of females.

Typically, the ovaries are enlarged two to five times the normal size (PCOS – Ovarian cysts). The ovarian volume is increased. The capsule is thickened, and Ovary, which is normally oval in shape, will have many cysts within it.

The person with this condition approaches the physicians with symptoms like menstrual irregularities and androgenic features such as hirsutism, acne, alopecia etc., obesity and infertility caused by improper ovulation etc.

Causes of PCOS  (Nidana)

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown,

  •  poor lifestyle
  •  obesity
  •  stress 
  •  hormonal imbalance
  • Genetic causes.

Are all playing some roles in the manifestation  of PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS  (Lakshana)

  1.  Menstrual irregularities have been described under Artava Vyapads or Yonirogas(uterine disorders)
  2. Anovulation is included under Vandhya (infertility)
  3. Obesity is the condition described as Sthoulya, a Santarpanajanya vyadhi.
  4. Acne and Baldness have been described as Mukhadooshika and Khalitya, two independent pathogenesis.
  5. Hirsutism 
  6. Balding
  7. Oily skin
  8. Skin discolouration

Pathology or Origin of the Diseased Condition

  • Consumption of Etiological factors
  • The deranged Vata vitiates the Mamsa, Shonita and Meda mixed up with Kapha 
  • circular, raised and knotted inflammatory swelling called Granthi.
  •  This type of glandular swelling has been compared with the modern terminology cyst which means an abnormal closed epithelium- Lined cavity in the body, containing liquid or semisolid material.               
  • In PCOS, development may be arrested at any level and remains as it is. The cysts are follicles at varying stages of maturation and atresia,So the cysts are not destined to ovum. Thus this pathology is compared with granthibhuta artava dushti  ie cyst, as in PCOS the follicles become cysts instead of developing up to mature ovum.

Ayurveda Treatment for Pcos

Treatment of PCOD needs an individualistic approach because not all the people will be having the same symptoms.

In Ayurveda, the balanced state of doshas is mainly responsible for health. Any derangement to this will lead to diseaseThis dosha derangement is directly connected to symptoms and the relation between doshas and symptoms are permanent.

By the outlook of the symptoms of PCOS as per modern description, it becomes clear that even though they are not compiled as a syndrome,In Ayurveda, most of them have been described as features of separate diseases or conditions.

Shamana Chikitsa (conservative management) and Shodhana Chikitsa ( purification treatment) treatments are advised.We firstly focus on the correction of digestion and improve your metabolism through Shamana Chikitsa(Conservative management). Then Shodhana Chikitsa  ( Purgation therapy) and followed by external Panchakarma treatment. While doing the treatments your symptoms will reduce and restrict the progression of the Disease. We can get permanent relief of all symptoms without any side effects.

 Panchakarma treatments include,

  • Deepana,Pachana  (Improving digestive power)
  • Snehana     (Oil administration)
  • Swedana    ( Perspiration )
  • Vamana      (Emesis)
  • Virechana   (Purgation) 
  • Basti           (Enema)
  • Nasya         (Nasal medication)


Sneha means oily substances and the therapies or medications  to give an unctuous or oily effect in the body is called Snehana.It is done in two ways ,internally by oral intake of medicated oily substances and externally by abhyanga.


Sweda means sweat.therapies done using steam or heat for cleansing of the body through perspirations is called Swedana.

Swedana includes,

  • Pinda sweda (kizhi)
  • Kaya seka  (pizhichil,dhara etc.)
  • Drava sweda  (steam,nadi sweda)
  • Upanaha  (bandaging)

Abhyanga (oil application) and different kinds of steaming methods can improve the circulation and strengthen the back muscles. 

These are the main  pre-procedures of Panchakarma.


One of the major procedures in panchakarma,best to treat Kapha Dosha involving diseases. 

Vamana is defined as the process in which Doshas are eliminated by emesis.


Is one among the panchakarma.  Ideal and best for elimination of pitta dosha.

Orally administered medicine  acts on internal physiology and expels the toxins and wastes occurs as the bowel passes multiple times.


Basti (enema) treatment is considered to be a prime treatment among the Panchakarma.

 In which the drugs are administered through the anal route.

Basti includes,

  • Kashaya basti
  • Sneha basti
  • Kati basti


Administration of medicine or medicated oil through the nose is known as Nasya


  • Marsha
  • Pratimarsha

Ayurvedic Medicines for PCOS

Shamana Chikitsa (Conservative Management)

Internal medications

With the proper assessment of physical condition of each individual patient by experienced doctors, authentic ayurvedic formulations are prescribed. 

Which includes,

  • Kashaya   (Decoction)

Decoction obtained by boiling course powder or Dried Drugs .

  • Asava and Arishta (fermented preparations)

 Drugs will be mixed with the required amount of water and kept for a fermentation    process of 15 to 45 days with ( for Arishta) or without (for Asava)boiling)

  • Gulika     (Tablets)

Is a tablet form they are made by rolling medicinal pastes into balls and drying with use of drier

  • Choornam  (Powder) 

The drugs that are mentioned in Vatavyadi Chikitsa , take enough quantity of dried Drugs and are cleaned properly , and made into powder by grinding and filtering.

  • Ghrita  (Medicated Ghee)

Ghee is processed by the drugs that are suitable for the treatment.

Ayurveda Treatment for PCOS: Diet and Lifestyle Changes

According to ayurveda ahara(food) is medicine. Eating proper food at the proper time will make you healthy. That’s why Diet place  has a key role in Ayurvedic treatment. As per  Ayurveda, 3 main factors of health and disease were Oushada (Drug) , Ahara (Diet) , Vihara (Conducts). And the physician advises diet on the basis of  age, digestive power, constitution, habitat, season and  disease , considering these factors. According to ayurveda, a diet should possess 6 rasa (taste) . They are sweet, sour, salt, astringent, bitter and pungent. Each of these rasa promotes nourishment of the body. 

Ayurveda has recognized that the body is  an outcome of the food. Acharya Sushruta explains that the food which nourishes the heart and improves memory , strength, digestive power and longevity of life.

Moreover during medication ayurveda recommend some specific diet that which plays major role in prevention and management of a disease 

Pathya Ahara defined as food that is suitable and protects the body tissue , helps in growth and development then control the vitiated condition was referred as Pathya ahara.

Apathya Ahara is defined as food that is not beneficial to health.

Diet for PCOS

While you are taking Ayurvedic treatment you should follow a diet. As per ayurveda there food items that you should include in your meal – Pathya and Food items that you should avoid from your daily meal Apathya

Wholesome diet (Pathya)

Foods to include-

  • Green leafy vegetables,
  • Moderate quantity of fish meat (if you are okay with non veg food) Healthy fat like ghee (in very little quantity)
  • Olive oil
  • Almonds, walnuts, beans, nuts, pecans, flax seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Buttermilk-Fat-less buttermilk improves digestion strength
  • beans, beets, lentils, spinach, asparagus, avocado, cooked broccoli, orange
  • soyabeans parsley, peanuts, flax seed, walnuts, cauliflower

Unwholesome Diet (Apathya)

Food to avoid-

  • White Sugar in all forms. 
  • Women may want to limit inflammatory foods—such as dairy products ,foods with high glycaemic index – white rice, potato, muffin, cakes.
  • Avoid milk. salted nuts, candy,
  • Avoid soya products Limit salt intake – If you take excess salt, it can cause water retention, and cause weight gaining.


  • Exercise helps to reduce many PCOS symptoms, such as depression, inflammation, and excess weight. Aim to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.


  • Exposure to an unfavorable environment.
PCOS Ayurveda Treatment

Benefits of Treating PCOS at Dheemahi  Ayurveda Village

We have a team of expert doctors for your consultation. Our first priority is patient health and wellness, so we follow up with your health concerns. Dheemahi Ayurveda is 100% result oriented with the knowledge of the past 5 generations,Is an authentic and traditional Ayurveda Hospital.With daily consultations we provide more reliability as by doing physical examinations, doctors can get more findings about the condition of the patient.For chronic diseases – routine follow-up check-up is also an essential requirement which cannot be ignored.In the case of therapies needed for the relief of the symptoms the supervision of a doctor is very much important.Dheemahi facilitates supervision of our doctors in every Panchakarma therapies  with exact documentation of your treatment schedule.Mind serves equal importance as the body in attaining a healthy life.The calm and peaceful atmosphere of Dheemahi ayurveda village which also has a major role to cure the disease. Also the spacious Garden and living rooms support your peaceful stay and healing process.

We have our own pharmacy and medicine manufacturing unit – through this, we can provide you with authentic medicines, and we can assure you to get cures. Our team of professionals help you to achieve a complete state of health and vitality, by giving you a daily routine of food and lifestyle.

What Differs Dheemahi Ayurveda and Others 

Dheemahi is an initiative where we provide the best solution in natural treatments, not by modern medicines, but by our traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods The unique approach involves a series of discussions during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment. Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.We have a team of expert doctors for your consultation. Our first priority is patient health and their wellness , so we follow up with your health concerns. Dheemahi ayurveda is 100% result oriented with the knowledge of past 5 generations in ayurvedic treatments.


PCOS is none other than a progressing lifestyle disorder in our society. Compared with healthy women those having PCOS are more prone to Infertility.So early diagnosis and care is needed for the same.Along with strict diet regulations and exercises,PCOS can be controlled to a good extent.

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The unique approach involves a series of discussion during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment.

Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.


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