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Ayurveda in Kerala has flourished and become a top destination for people worldwide. Kerala’s Ayurvedic centers have maintained high standards and can welcome guests from all walks of life. This ancient science is so special that only genuine doctors and centers can thrive in this sacred practice. Only the best Ayurvedic centre will be able to pass on the knowledge to the next generation

The Ayurveda we serve you results from knowledge sharing and transfer for the Past 5 Generations. At Dheemahi Ayurveda We understand the needs of your present time and provide the best solutions by the traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods, thousands of people who come and experience the detox and rejuvenation programs in our hospitals and Ayurvedic centers are a testimonial to our comprehensive quality programs.

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From medicine formulations and preparations in the Dheemahi-owned GMP-certified herbal pharmacy to the selection of organic vegetables and fruits, we always keep the best Ayurveda center standards.

Why your body needs detoxification 

Ayurveda defines health as the body’s equilibrium, with balanced digestion (Agni), the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in equilibrium based on one’s constitution, normal waste elimination, and a balanced mind and senses. Disease starts when this equilibrium is disrupted.

Basically, any aggravation of the doshas affects agni (the digestive fire) and produces toxins (Ama). Other factors play a role in the formation of ama as well.

 The factors that lead to the formation of toxins are 

  • poor digestion of food, improper food combinations, 
  • poor drinking water, pollution, and pesticides in food
  •  the emotional and physical stress of trauma and so on. 

These toxins accumulate and spread throughout the body and eventually deposit themselves into the deeper tissues, organs or channels, creating dysfunction and disease.

Ayurveda offers a renowned detoxification and rejuvenation program known as Panchakarma. It uses five safe and effective methods to remove toxins without harm. 


In Ayurveda Susrutha school Raktamoksha (Blood letting) is also a part of Panchakarma.

Vamana (Emesis)

  • Is a procedure in which vitiated Dosha(Toxins) are eliminated through the Mouth followed by the administration of vamanaushadi (Medicine that induces vomiting).

Virechana (Purgation)   

  • One among the panchakarma in which orally administered drug acts on internally and vitiated dosha (Toxins) are eliminated through the anal route.

Niruha Basti (Decoction Enema)

  • Administration of Medicated Decoction through the anal canal 

Anuvasana Basti (Oil Enema)

  • Administration of Medicated oil through the anal canal.

Nasyam (Nasal Installation)

  • Medicine that is administered through the nasal route.

Panchakarma is known for its holistic approach and aims to restore balance and vitality to the body and mind. It’s a top choice for authentic Ayurvedic healing in Kerala’s beautiful landscapes.

Who needs Ayurvedic detoxification treatment

Panchakarma is a therapeutic procedure aiming to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. While it can benefit many people, its suitability should be assessed individually, taking into account factors like one’s health, age, and specific conditions

Benefits of  Ayurvedic detox treatment

  • Purify Body and Mind by Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Increase Strength of Your Mind, Intellectual Ability, and Mental Clarity
  • Reverse the Negative Effects of Stress on Your Body and Mind
  • Delay the Aging Process
  • Restore Your Constitutional Balance
  • Improve Your Complexion
  • Promote Health and Longevity

Lifestyle and diet changes during Ayurvedic detox treatment


  • Use luke warm water
  • Following physician instructions strictly to avoid complications or to get maximum result


  • Day time sleep
  • Walking standing and travelling long duration
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Exercise
  • Exposure to AC, breeze, sunlight, smoke, dust etc..
  • Irregular dietary intake
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Swimming

Steps and procedures in Ayurvedic detox treatment

Panchakarma is a traditional Ayurvedic detoxification and healing process consisting of three stages. Let’s break it down in simpler terms:

  1. Pre-operative Procedures (Purvakarmas): Purvakarma is the initial step in the Panchakarma process, and it primarily involves two procedures: Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). These preparatory actions are essential to ready the body for the main Panchakarma therapies by loosening and releasing accumulated toxins, especially the imbalanced doshas.
  • Snehana (Oleation): Snehana is the application of medicated oils or ghee either inside the body or externally for a specific duration. These oily substances are used to soften the body’s tissues and help extract deep-seated toxins, primarily in the form of imbalanced doshas.
  • Swedana (Sudation): After Snehana, the next step is Swedana, a treatment that induces sweating or fomentation. This process aids in opening up the body’s channels, making it easier to transport and eliminate toxins from the body.
  1. Main Procedure (Pradhan Karma):

Pradhana karma expels toxins and Utklishta doshas (aggravated doshas) from the body through any of Panchakarma.

  • Vamana (Emesis)
  • Virechana (Purgation)   
  • Niruha Basti (Decoction Enema)
  • Anuvasana Basti (Oil Enema)
  • Nasyam (Nasal Installation)
  1. Post-operative Care (Paschat Karma): After completing the main treatments, it’s crucial to continue with specific actions to make sure you get the most out of the process. Here’s what you need to do: Follow a special diet to aid your body’s recovery (Sansarjan karma), utilize therapies and herbal supplements to rejuvenate your body (Rasayan adi prayogam), and incorporate herbs and lifestyle changes to further reduce any persisting symptoms (Shaman chikitsa).
Steps and Procedures in Ayurvedic Detox Treatment

What happens to your body after Ayurvedic detox treatment

After undergoing Panchakarma, how you feel can differ based on factors like the treatments received and how your body reacts. Generally, people tend to feel lighter due to the removal of toxins, experience mental clarity and increased focus, gain more energy (though there might be some fatigue during detox), enjoy better digestion, find emotional balance, see improvements in health issues that led them to Panchakarma, and feel their immunity gets stronger. However, everyone’s experience can vary, so it depends on individual circumstances and the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

How much does Ayurvedic detox treatment cost

The cost of Panchakarma varies from person to person due to the customized nature of the treatment. Factors such as the specific procedures required and the individual’s health condition all play a role in determining the overall cost. When opting for a Panchakarma package, it typically includes all the necessary treatments and procedures.

Ayurvedic detox treatment at Dheemahi Ayurveda

At Dheemahi Ayurveda, we take pride in our team of expert doctors who prioritize your health and well-being. With a rich heritage spanning five generations, we offer authentic and traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Our commitment to your health includes regular follow-ups to address your concerns.

For a comprehensive understanding of your condition, our daily consultations involve physical examinations, enabling our doctors to gather valuable insights. We recognize the importance of routine follow-up check-ups, especially for chronic diseases. In cases requiring therapies to alleviate symptoms, our doctors provide essential supervision. Our Panchakarma therapies are meticulously supervised, and your treatment schedule is diligently documented.

We understand the integral role of the mind in achieving a healthy life. The tranquil atmosphere of Dheemahi Ayurveda Village plays a significant role in the healing process. Our spacious garden and living rooms offer a serene environment to support your journey to well-being. With our in-house pharmacy and medicine manufacturing unit, we provide authentic medicines that ensure effective treatment. Our team of professionals guides you toward a holistic state of health and vitality by offering personalized daily routines for diet and lifestyle

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The unique approach involves a series of discussion during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment.

Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.


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