Why you should do Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala?

Dr. Amritha B.A.M.S

Ayurvedic treatment offers many benefits for those seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness. By addressing the root cause of illness, personalized Ayurvedic therapies aim to restore balance and promote longevity, vitality, and overall well-being. Ayurveda is the belief that health and wellness are achieved through balance between the body, mind, and spirit and with one’s environment.

Why Kerala for Ayurvedic treatments?

Kerala, often called “God’s Own Country,” holds a special place in Ayurveda as the ultimate destination for authentic healing and rejuvenation.


Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda, and its traditions and practices have been preserved and perfected over thousands of years. When you seek Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, you tap into a rich heritage of healing deeply rooted in tradition and authenticity.

Experienced Practitioners:

Kerala boasts a vast pool of skilled Ayurvedic practitioners who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art and science of Ayurveda. From knowledgeable vaidyas (physicians) to expert therapists, you’ll find experienced professionals committed to guiding you on your journey to wellness.

Natural Abundance:

Kerala is blessed with abundant medicinal plants and herbs integral to Ayurvedic treatments. The state’s natural bounty, from the verdant forests to the fertile plains, provides the perfect ingredients for potent and effective Ayurvedic remedies.

Personalised Treatments:

Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are personalised to meet your unique needs and constitution. Through careful assessment and consultation, practitioners will create a customised treatment plan that addresses your specific health concerns and promotes holistic well-being.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs:

In addition to individual treatments, Kerala offers comprehensive wellness programs that combine various Ayurvedic therapies with yoga, meditation, and dietary guidance. These programs provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, allowing you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Cultural Experience:

Immersing yourself in Kerala’s vibrant culture adds an extra dimension to your Ayurvedic journey. From traditional rituals and festivals to cultural tours and cooking classes, Kerala offers a rich tapestry of experiences that enrich your overall wellness experience.

Sustainable Tourism:

By choosing Kerala for your Ayurvedic treatment, you support sustainable tourism practices prioritising environmental conservation and community empowerment. Ayurvedic resorts and retreats in Kerala are committed to eco-friendly initiatives that minimise environmental impact.

Why Kerala for Ayurvedic treatments

What are the different Ayurvedic treatments available?

Panchakarma Treatment

Vamanam ( Medicated Vomiting)

Sadyo Vamanam 

Purva Karma Yukta Vamanam 

Virechanam (Purgation)

Vasti : ( enema therapy)

a) Nirooha Vasti (acc to condition)

b) Anuvasana Vasti 

Nasyam (Nasal Instillation Therapy)

Raktamokshana :

a) Jalookaavacharanam 

b) Siravyadha ( with needles)


External Treatment 

Lepanam ( Medicted Paste Appliction)


Dhanyamla Dhara 

Kashaya dhara 

Ksheera dhara 

Taila dhara

Takram dhara 







Abhyangam : (Medicated Oil Massage)

Full Body 

Neck and Shoulder 


Leg and foot 

Marma head massage 

Marma foot massage 

Swedanam ( formentation )

Nadi Sweda 

Full Body Steam ( along with abhyangam ) 



Naranga kizhi 



Njavara kizhi 

Chincha-Lavana Sweda 

Upanaha Sweda 

Head Treatments 

Shiro abhyangam 





Eye treatments






Ear Treatment



Gynecology treatments

Uttara vasti

Yoni kshalanam ( vaginal douche) 

Yoni prakshalanam ( vaginal wash ) 

Yoni pichu

Yoni avagaham 

Obstetrics treatments ( Prasava Raksha) 

Vethu Kuli 

Full Body Dhara 

Njavara Theppu 

Udara veshtanam 

Full Body Abhyangam 

Other external treatments

Sirolepam (talapothichil)


Njavara theppu

Pichu ( local – knee , lower back , neck , shoulder)

Vasti : 

Kati vasti 

Janu vasti 

Uru vasti 

Greeva vasti 



Mukha lepam 

Dry Cupping 


Cosmetic Treatments 

Anti-Acne treatments 


                1) njavara facial

                2) varnyam facial

               3) eladi facial

Hair care – 

Anti – hair fall treatment 

Anti – dandruff treatment  

Dheemahi’s Legacy

Dheemahi Ayurveda, we highly value authenticity and adherence to traditional healing methods. Our team, consisting of expert doctors with deep knowledge and experience in Ayurvedic principles and practices, understands that the approach to Panchakarma treatments is not one-size-fits-all. We recognize that individual factors such as dosha imbalance, disease stage, and patient condition play a crucial role. Therefore, our physicians take the time to tailor treatment plans accordingly, ensuring optimal outcomes for each patient. With a commitment to authenticity and a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles, we strive to provide the best Ayurvedic treatment by guiding our patients towards holistic healing and wellness.

Our Ayurvedic village is more than just a treatment centre. We deeply value the mind-body connection in achieving overall health and well-being. Our spacious gardens and comfortable living spaces are not just for show-they are designed to create a peaceful environment that enhances the healing process for our patients, promoting a sense of calm and peace that aids in their recovery. 

At Dheemahi Ayurveda, we prioritize professional care and authentic treatments. Our in-house pharmacy and medicine manufacturing unit ensure the availability of genuine medicines to support our patients’ healing journeys. Our team of professionals goes above and beyond, providing comprehensive support that includes personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations. We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve holistic health and vitality.

How Our Booking Process Works

The unique approach involves a series of discussion during your initial decision-making process to make sure that we will be able to match your expectations with our treatment.

Based on the discussions with you our team of expert doctors will design the best treatment package personalized for your needs.


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